Cranborne Audio 500R8


General Information

Value in Hz
Frequency Response 2.2Hz to 80kHz (±dB)
1849 €
481 mm
185 mm
219 mm

Audio Interface Information

Noise Floor
-108dBFS A-weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic Range
121dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz
The Cranborne 500R8 is the world's first 8-slot 500 series rack, analogue summing mixer, monitor controller and 28in/30out USB audio interface combined in one 4U rack unit. USB Audio Interface
Connect directly to your PC/mac via USB and utilise 500R8's built-in 28-in/30-out USB audio interface for recording and playback directly to/from your chosen DAW.

Monitor Controller
Switch between two sets of speakers, toggle Mono sum, Mute, Dim, and Talkback facilities whilst monitoring the peak level of your mix with 28-segments of LED detail by using the built-in, high-headroom monitor controller.

High-current 8-slot 500 series rack
250mA current per-slot with 2A total for all slots
XLR inputs, XLR line outputs, and TRS Inserts (pre-ADC) per 500 series slot
Module source switching options to send Analogue, USB or external C.A.S.T. signals through your favourite 500 series modules
Module bypass switches per-slot allowing 500R8 to be used without 500 series modules inserted.

Zero Latency Artist Mixer
Monitor live sources in the analogue domain with zero latency by using dedicated mix level and pan controls per-channel combined with our seriously high-powered headphone amps.

Discrete Summing Mixer
Elevate your mix with analogue character and sum 8 USB sources through your 500 series modules and into the discrete analogue summing mixer to be summed and recorded back into your DAW as a stereo track.