Tascam US-1800


General Information

Value in Hz
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz (±dB)

Audio Interface Information

Noise Floor
Input Impedance
2.2 k ohm
Dynamic Range
96 dB ( S/N Ratio)

The Tascam US 1800 really offered more than other units in the price range at that time. With up to 16 channel recording, 8 preamps and up to 96 k of sampling rate, this unit was a total workhorse. The replacement for this unit is the US-16X8 still available for purchase.

TASCAM's US-1800 packs 8 mic, 6 line and two digital inputs into a single rackspace, more inputs than any interface in its price class. The 16-in / 4-out interface works with nearly any recording software from budget to pro.

In addition to the digital input and output, a MIDI input and output is included for interfacing with synths and drum machines.

Eight microphone inputs are provided right on the front panel for easy access.

Phantom power is available for condenser microphones, and plenty of gain is available for recording virtually any source.

Also on the front panel are a pair of 1/4" inputs, each of these can be switched to instrument level for direct recording of your guitar or bass.

A direct monitor path is available during recording to prevent the delays that can occur when recording to computer.