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  4. Friday, 28 February 2020
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Loudness has become a very delicate subject, despite the loudness war, and my understanding that the louder, the more crushed the dynamics of the song becomes, competition is a serious matter, especially when your song is on a playlist that someone is listening to, and when they skip from the commercially mastered track to yours, the volume diference can be worrying.

What meassures, and what tools can i use in the MIXING stage, or MASTERING stage, to save headroom and get a LOUDER final mix then i was getting before?
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Using high pass filters is a great starting place. Basically none of your tracks are going to need ANYTHING below 100hz, so I always start there. I like to keep those deep lows on my bass and kick drum, but basically everything else I get rid of that. Later on down the road, keeping those lows out of the mix gives you so much more headroom.
You'll also find that a lot of low-mids are just not necessary and add a lot of muddiness in most of your tracks. Cutting some of the 200-500hz range might have even more of an effect on your mix than the high-pass filters will. If it's not meant to have that deep stuff, I'll usually just dump it.
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Yes I completely agree with Jared. It also pays off to be aware of and (ab)use the Fletcher Munson curve to your advantage e.g. in boosting 2k-3k on invidividual tracks a bit more than you might think you should.
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