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  4. Friday, 28 February 2020
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Hey, when it comes to mixing the low end of a song, sometimes it´s a real pain depending on how busy the mix is.
I usually go by the notion of cutting a certain frecuency area in one instrument, and boosting that same frecuency in the other instrument and vice versa. Or the ocassional sidechain compressor, being the kick the one who triggers the compressor on the bass.
What other tecniques do yo use or know of to give a nice balanced bottom end?
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I always start by choosing if I want more of the kick or more of the bass. The two are always gonna be fighting for the 40-60hz range and the 80-100hz, so I choose which one will have to take the high ground vs which one I want up front and center in that lower part. It depends on the project and the band's sound, but it's an easy way to stop that low end battle that's going on.
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